showcases my experience and skills

I’ve been fortunate in my career to work on a variety of visually-creative projects. I’ve had the pleasure of working with many Fortune 100 companies to not only conceptualize visual design web solutions, but also provide visual design guidance. My expertise is conceptualizing and designing professional creative, managing messaging and Art Direction, and providing optimized web assets for engaging high-profile web or mobile experiences. As a design professional, I’m passionate about improving the quality, richness, and value of all touch points across digital media.

The ability to visualize an end composition of a design project is a specialized skill. As the Creative Lead, I’m the Producer and Director and my responsibility is to choose and visually arrange the pieces of the puzzle determining hierarchy, colors, values, typography, texture, motion, and audio as well as connect with the viewer emotionally. The manner in which these are arranged, iterated, and selected all contribute to a successful final composition.

As a Designer, I’m passionate about the creative process because visual design relies on the same basic principles of arrangement no matter what medium you work in, from pixels to paint. Creating something out of nothing is the challenge that drives my personal creativity.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, Illustration & Design from the University of Massachusetts and have applied my skills across a variety of industries for high-profile clients such as Bank of America, IBM, Fidelity Investments, Liberty Mutual, and the MLBPA among others.

Initially I applied my drawing skills to the world of commercial art, graphic design, and illustration with client projects ranging from print, logo, and product illustration to painting hundreds of realistic player portraits for the Major League Baseball Players Association’s apparel line. View a few in my Illustration gallery »

Later, I applied my design and composition skills to digital communications including HTML website design, user interface software application design, email marketing, video production, and motion graphics – all staples of the consulting design services Roberge Design provides today.

I invite you to check out my website portfolio page to see additional examples of how I put this philosophy into action.